Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Wands

Soooooo…it’s been another long hiatus on Word Press. When I published Trick-or-Treatin’ Buddies, it seemed Baby Peanut was a rather well behaved, clockwork child when it came to sleep at night. This erroneous assumption (as many first-time parents make) came to bite me and so the time I foolishly thought I had at night was taken away swiftly by sleep regressions, growth spurts, teething, you name it. But, while I wasn’t able to blog, I did manage to devote time to planning Baby Peanut’s 1st Birthday Bash. Her birthday theme / motif were Owls and Stars (or as my sister titled it, “Twinkle, Twinkle Owl Star”). Baby Peanut loved this YouTube video of the star and owl becoming friends in the song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Anyhow, while planning for the birthday, I thought it would be a nice gesture if our kiddie guests walked away with goodie bags and a star wand. I figured it would be a nice little prop for the kiddies to play with during/after the party and it seemed to go with the party theme. I didn’t want to spend too much time crafting and wanted something pretty simple. Pinterest and Etsy have many beautiful star wands for sure, but I just can’t compete. So, here’s my simpleton version.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Star Wands

Twinkle, Twinkle, Star Wands


  • Sticky Gold Glitter Foam
  • Scissors
  • Puzzle Glue (or Tacky Glue)
  • Wood Dowels/ Sticks
  • Different colored ribbons
Gold Glitter Foam Sheet

Gold Glitter Foam Sheet

I would recommend you get the Gold Glitter foam sheets with the sticky backing. It will save you tons of time and makes it easier to sandwich the stick and ribbons rather than having to glue foam pieces.


One would think that I would just grab a star and trace them onto the foam sheet. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Theoretically, yes, if one is not artistically challenged (like me). I did start to do that until I realized all my stars were not uniform and wouldn’t match neatly when time came to create a star wand sandwich. Crafting failure. So, I randomly Googled printable star template and came upon this Star. I then copied the star image and created a printable template on Powerpoint to fit an 8.5 x 11 inch paper.


  1. Take your 8.5×11 star template and glue it to the back of your glitter foam sheet (do NOT remove the sticky backing yet!). Use Puzzle Glue or Tacky Glue for this. I don’t recommend hot glue as it could melt the foam. You could also tape your template to the back, but once you start cutting, the sheet could move about.
Star Template

Star Template

  1. Cut out the stars. Below is a picture of the front and the back. Don’t remove the sticky backing until you’re ready to start placing ribbons and the wand in position.
Stars, Stars, Stars

Stars, Stars, Stars

  1. Prep your wand/stick. I roughly measured and marked the stick at the point where I wanted the bottom of my star to lie. I found it best to do this ahead of time because once you remove the sticky backing of the sheet and press the stick in, it’ll be hard to reposition again. I have also seen other people sand down the part of the stick that will be sandwiched by the two stars. That is a really good idea and it will probably be a cleaner look, but I didn’t do it due to lack of time, talent, or know-how. I do give props to those people who effectively know how to use a sander.
  2. Cut your ribbons. I used a mixture of white, pink, and blue ribbons. I measured out the ribbon lengths and cut it ahead of time, so I could make the wands like an assembly line.
  3. Carefully peel off the sticky backing halfway (or all the way, your choice) and press your ribbons into the sticky part.
Positioning the Ribbons

Positioning the Ribbons

  1. Peel the rest of the sticky backing off and position the wand.
Positioning the Wand

Positioning the Wand

  1. Take another star, peel off the backing and place on top to create a star wand sandwich
Star Wand Complete

Star Wand Complete

And that’s that – my simpleton version of the star wand. You can certainly get crazy creative by using punched up ribbons, painting the wand part, or personalizing the stars. My original plan was to put each kids’ initials on the stars using pink or blue glitter foam but that idea fell to the wayside due to time and realizing that kids will just grab whatever wand they see.

The wands weren’t super fancy but they turned out well enough in photos and on Baby Peanut’s birthday table display. And, most importantly, both the kids and adults at the party had a fun time waving them about!

(8) Star Wand (9) Star Wand


Trick-or-Treatin’ Buddies

So, I’ve been MIA on Crafting Moo Moo for quite a long time. I had stepped away to focus on a new exciting venture: Parenthood!!! My little peanut was born this year and so with her arrival, I have felt inspired to create and blog about crafts again. What better holiday to come back than Halloween?

I have been taking monthly photos of my daughter and wanted to do a Halloween theme for October. So, that got me to thinking about photo props that are safe for her to pose with. To celebrate her first Halloween, I came up with two ghouly buddies to keep her company during photos and while Trick-or-Treating.

(1)Garry the Ghost & Petey the Pumpkin

(1) Garry the Ghost & Petey the Pumpkin


  • 5mm Crochet Hook
  • Orange Yarn (Lion Brand Color 134 Terracotta)
  • Multicolor Yarn (Red Heart Worsted 4 Wildflower)
  • White Yarn (Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Worsted 4 White)
  • Black Felt
  • Stuffing
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Sewing Needle (optional)
  • Sewing Thread (optional) – any color
(2)Creepy Crafting

(2) Creepy Crafting


For this particular crochet project, I wanted to create a nice amigurumi ball. Doing a Google search, I came upon another WordPress blog: Ms. Premise-Conclusion. She’s got a fantastic PDF tutorial on how to create the Ideal Sphere. I recommend you download the PDF – it’s very straightforward and the sphere turns out great:

Petey the Pumpkin


Follow the instructions on Ms. Premise-Conclusion’s tutorial for the 20-Row Sphere using a 5mm hook. You can go as large or as small as you’d like. Stuff Mr. Pumpkin as much as you like and stitch to close.


You can create this with the multi-color yarn or the normal green or brown / tan colors. I had this lying around after Felix the Fauxbot and thought it would make the pumpkin a bit more whimsical.

  • Start: Use the 5mm hook, chain 2
  • Round 1: In the 2nd stitch, SC 6 stitches = 6 stitches
  • Round 2+: SC in each stitch continuously until you get the desired stem length
  • Fill: Stuff the stem – this is completely optional if you’re fine with the sturdiness of your stem. I wanted something more firm that could stand up
  • End: Leave a long piece of yarn at the end in order to attach to the pumpkin body


Using black felt, create eyes and a mouth. I free cut these shapes onto felt. Make your pumpkin scary or silly – it’s up to you! I found that if you create eyes with the points at the end, you can make your pumpkin look scary or happy depending on where you put the points. To make a happy looking guy, the points should face the bottom. Make the pumpkin scary or angry by pointing the points upwards.

(3)Petey the Pumpkin

(3) Petey the Pumpkin

Garry the Ghost


As with the pumpkin, I used Ms. Premise-Conclusion’s tutorial for the 20-Row Sphere but with some adjustments:

  • Start-Round 4: Using a 5mm hook, follow Ms. Premise-Conclusion’s tutorial for the 20-Row Sphere
  • Round 4-15: Continue to SC into each stitch = 23 stitches each row. You can crochet less rows or more rows depending on how you feel. This will form the “head” of the ghost
  • Round 16: Decrease stitches, following Ms. Premise-Conclusion’s instructions for Row 18 = 18 stitches
  • 17+: SC in each stitch continuously until you get the desired body length
  • Last Round: SC 4 times in each stitch to create a ruffle. To create larger ruffles, increase number of SCs in each stitch
  • Fill: Stuff the Mr. Ghost to your heart’s content to make him as fat or thin as you want
  • End: This step is to cover the bottom of your ghost since it’ll just be stuffing sticking out on the bottom. Measure and cut out a 4 inch circle (or however large your bottom is) out of felt. Tuck in the ends of the circle up into the ghost and use sewing thread and needle to attach the felt to the ghost
(4)Bottom’s Up!

(4) Bottom’s Up!


As with the pumpkin, I used black felt to create eyes and a mouth. Get creative!

(5)Garry the Ghost

(5) Garry the Ghost

And there you have it, some Halloween buddies to go trick-or-treating! I’ll be using these little guys for some fun photos with the baby. Enjoy!


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